The Full List of Santa Cruz Murals

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Discover a vibrant collection of Santa Cruz Murals that will captivate your imagination! Explore the world of street art as you navigate through this ever growing list of Santa Cruz Murals. From colorful and abstract designs to thought-provoking masterpieces, each mural tells a unique story. Immerse yourself in the artistic tapestry of Santa Cruz, California, as you browse through this curated compilation of awe-inspiring urban artwork. Whether you’re a local art enthusiast or a visitor seeking a visual feast, this list of Santa Cruz Murals is your ultimate guide to experiencing the city’s creative spirit. Uncover hidden gems, witness the talents of renowned artists, and embrace the cultural diversity of Santa Cruz through this remarkable compilation. Let your senses roam free as you embark on a visual adventure, unraveling the tapestry of Santa Cruz Murals.

  1. Scotts Valley at the Movies
  2. A Beneficial Snack
  3. Pacific Point Market 
  4. Girl On Bike
  5. Steamer Lane Mural
  6. The Incredible True Story
  7. Streetlight Records
  8. The King of YES
  9. Andy’s Auto Supply
  10. Surfing Bird
  11. Nickelodeon Theatre
  12. People Make Our Town
  13. Adventures in Paradise
  14. Mill Mural
  15. A Peaceful Pawse
  16. Song of Santa Cruz
  17. Food Love / Alimento Y Amor
  18. Craft Beauty Parlor
  19. Cosmic Neon Water Dragon
  20. Flood Zone
  21. Sante Adairius Santa Cruz
  22. Live Oak Supermarket
  23. Staff of Life
  24. Equilibrium 
  25. Stranded Beauty Bar
  26. Jacob’s Heart Wall of Courage
  27. Aqua Breeze Inn
  28. Neptune’s Kingdom
  29. Slie One 
  30. Skateboarding’s Fallen Soldiers
  31. The River Mural
  32. Tosh Ackerman Mural
  33. Wildflowers Don’t Care Where They Grow
  34. Bay In A Bottle
  35. Ocean Acidification
  36. Welcome to Capitola
  37. Touching Souls With Art & Heart
  38. The Closet Shopper
  39. East End Gastropub
  40. Capitola Boat And Bait Mural
  41. Taquera Michocana Mural
  42. O’neill
  43. Jack as Poseidon
  44. The Observer
  45. Sperm Whale
  46. The Point Market
  47. Pleasure Point Motel
  48. Freeline Surf Shop
  49. Little Red Door Thrift
  50. Cesar Chavez
  51. Barrios Unidos
  52. Silver Spur Restaurant
  53. Day’s Market
  54. Welcome to Aptos
  55. Aptos Village Mural
  56. Strock, De Mattei and Strickland Families
  57. Cement Ship
  58. Wholesale House
  59. Welcome to Seacliff
  60. Seacliff Village Park Mural
  61. Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Juice
  62. Bachan Apples
  63. Berry Bowl California Strawberries
  64. Triumph
  65. Lucky Trail Apples
  66. Life Brand Apples
  67. White Star Brand Apples
  68. California Mission Brand Apples
  69. Watsonville History Mural
  70. Brown Beret Bike Shack
  71. Coastal Sun Farms
  72. Whale City Bakery Mural
  73. Bigfoot Museum Mural