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Welcome to SantaCruzMurals.com, your ultimate online destination for discovering the captivating world of murals in all of Santa Cruz County! Use our map to locate the murals and immerse yourself in a visual feast of vibrant street art as you explore all the awe-inspiring urban masterpieces found county-wide. From colorful abstract designs to thought-provoking narratives, each mural tells a unique story that reflects the creative spirit of the artists who live in and around Santa Cruz County, California.

Whether you’re a local art enthusiast or a visitor seeking cultural inspiration, our website is your gateway to discovering hidden gems, renowned local artists, and the rich tapestry of artistic expression that defines Santa Cruz. Join us on this visual journey and unlock the secrets of Santa Cruz murals. Start exploring now and let your imagination soar!

Santa Cruz Mural Map

Home of the Santa Cruz Mural Tour, the Mural Map shows the location of murals in Santa Cruz.

Open the page on your mobile device and use Google Maps to navigate from one mural to the next. 

Santa Cruz Mural List

The master list of all the murals in Santa Cruz County!

Click on each mural’s name to go each mural’s page. where you will find the name of the mural, the location and information about each artist.


Visit the gallery to view the murals!

Planning a trip? Use the Gallery to view all the murals to help you pick and choose which murals to visit. The gallery has photos of all the Santa Cruz murals.